Fabian D Salcedo


I received unarranged flowers from my partner for our first anniversary. I put them together, and I was hooked. I began competing quickly after I began designing because I felt it helped to make me a better designer. (15 years) I am currently the creative director for Monarch florals/Monarch event group.


What Is Your Approach To Design?

My approach to design is to tap into the emotion I want to evoke and to make creative decisions with that in mind. Usually I find the most creative satisfaction when I can juxtapose opposing elements/ideas into an original creation. I find the tension created in these designs to be incredibly beautiful.


What Do You Love About Competing?

Competing drives me to be better. It is as simple as that. Pushing yourself to do more than you think you can do, and to think more critically. Also, the moment that your technique turns into pure inspiration makes the experience so much more rewarding.


In What Other Notable Competitions Have You Participated?

Texas Cup, Jim Johnson Cup, Sylvia Cup

Gallery: At Work

Fabian D Salcedo