Rey Rodriguez


My mom and I always had a shared interest in gardening. That shared interest blossomed into a knack for arranging garden roses. Currently a freelance designer working with a variety of event planners. I have been in the floral industry since 1985, when I volunteered at the Flower Box in Kingsville TX.


What Is Your Approach To Design?

I paint with God's pallette of colors.


What Do You Love About Competing?

Learning from others


In What Other Notable Competitions Have You Participated?

Sylvia Cup
Texas Cup
Jim Johnson Cup
Mid American Cup

Gallery: At Work

Rey Rodriguez


Memories of 2022

LOVED the encouragement from coordinators and judges. Made the competition feel less like a competition and more like a race against time. It created a more fun relaxed vibe. More about friends gathering to create art but with a time limit. Because it was an international meet. I appreciated the friendships that were fostered.