Sharon Sabin Ivey


Sharon Sabin Ivey AIFD, PFCI, CFD, GMF

  • has been a designer in the floral industry for 40 + years.
  • has designed for retail, wholesale, and import as a floral and event designer, visual merchandiser, display artist, design instructor, retail consultant, product developer, sales rep, and buyer
  • has achieved one of the highest honors in the floral industry, to be an accredited member of AIFD, the American Institute of Floral Designers
  • is an accredited member of PFCI - Professional Floral Communicators International
  • is an accredited Certified Floral Designer (CFD)
  • is a certified (GMF) Georgia Master Florist
  • is a certified AIFD international evaluator / judge
  • studied Art at the Art Institute in Atlanta
  • was an Art major / PE minor at Dekalb Jr college
  • studied Visual Merchandising at Gwinette Tech College
  • has been a featured designer on over 100 design programs / shows across the nation
  • is an award winning designer. Some of her awards include: “first place” awards for interpretive design in 2011, 2014, 2017,18 and “peoples choice” awards in 2011, 2012, 2017,18, for "Burton Cup" First place for tabletop design at Sylvia Cup. Also several second & third place awards, including GSFA DOY, Bloomnet, and others
  • has served on the education committee for AIFD national.
  • has served as a director on the board for AIFD Southern chapter
  • has served as a board member of GSFA,
  • has served as President, VP and secretary of Northeast Georgia Florist Association
  • has served as President of Central Georgia Florist Association
  • had the honor of being one of a group of 5 designers for an onstage program at AIFD National Symposium in Chicago, 2014

Sharon has a passion for the floral industry and designing. She continues to learn and expand her knowledge and skills through design shows, workshops, conventions, social media and printed materials. Sharon continually strives to learn more, and is very driven and dedicated. Sharon is involved in her community, and the prevention of child abuse. Sharon volunteers for floral organizations including training and evaluating for FFA, and is an AIFD mentor for PFDE


What Is Your Approach To Design?

My # 1 approach is love and passion for flowers and designing. To follow the Principles and Elements of design and always have good mechanics. My approach to design depends on the occasion, and/ or the job. When designing for a retail establishment, it is make it beautiful, fast and profitable. For display it is make it stunning, over the top and fast and easy to take down. For competition, I try to dig deep inside myself to create a design that helps the viewer to experience a journey through the design. To help them experience strong feelings and emotions. I try to truly explore the elements, flowers, and products I have to work with to create an exciting experience for the viewer and to immerse myself in the creative process and the passion I have for designing.


What Do You Love About Competing?

I especially love that I am getting to compete in the "Gateway to Americas cup" competition. The incredible honor of getting to represent my country is so amazing. I will truly always cherish this opportunity. I love competing because it gives me an opportunity to challenge myself. It helps me push myself out of my comfort zone. Competing helps me turn the adrenaline rush into excitement and passion to be more creative. Competing helps push me to be a better designer. Plus it is so much fun to get to interpret and create the design challenge.


In What Other Notable Competitions Have You Participated?

"Burton Cup" for interpretive design 4 time winner+ 2 time runner up/ "Peoples choice" Award - 4 time winner / "BloomNet" design competition runner up / "GSFA DOY" 3 time runner up / "Sylvia Cup" 1st place table top design / Plus, several 3rd place competitions, winner of several district competitions, and misc online competitions.

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Sharon Sabin Ivey