Varito Vasquez


Born in San Jose Costa Rica, he is a Floral Designer with a trajectory of 32 years. He has attended masterclasses with KiKe Leon (Spain), Ruben Conza AIFD (Puerto Rico), Rafael Toro (Colombia), Mery Perry White AIFD, Gregor Lersch (Germany), Mario Fernandez AIFD(USA), Armando Ayala AIFD(Mexico), Phill Rulloda AIFD, Hitomi Gilliam AIFD, Pim van der Akken, Francoise Weeks, Rene Van Rems AIFD, Deborah de La Flor AIFD, as many other International Master Teachers.

In 2014 Varito moved to the United States to begin his journey to becoming an AIFD. 2016 earned his FSMD (Florida State Master Designer) credentials and his FPCF (Florida Professional Certified Florist by the Florida State Florists Association.


What Is Your Approach To Design?

I love to take risks with any style, but I love modern/abstract, as well as Contemporary.


What Do You Love About Competing?

Love the adrenaline, but I compete to prove to myself that I can.


In What Other Notable Competitions Have You Participated?

Some accomplishments include:

  • 2012, '14, and '16 Online BARCELONA WORLD FLOWER CUP competition
  • 2015- Designer of the Year – Florida East Coast Floral Association
  • 2015-, 3rd place in Teleflora SUNSHINE CUP and FTD Tablescape at FSFA Annual Convention
  • 2016- 1st Place in FTD Tablescape Competition, 3rd place both in Teleflora Sunshine Cup and Designer of the Year
  • 2019 FSFA Designer of the Year
  • 2019 FSFA, First Place IAN PROSSER Bridal Bouquet
  • 2021 FSFA, First Place Bridal Bouquet Ian Prosser Cup
  • 2021 Competitor at the Sylvia Cup Society of American Florists
  • 2021 3rd Cover of the Magazine at the Palm Beach Illustrator (Floral Couture Gowns)
  • 2021 Competitor at the Iron Design Competition IFE
  • 2022 First place Florist Review March Best in Bloom Competition
  • 2022 Competitor at the Iron Design Competition IFE
  • 2022 The Gateway Americas Cup / FSFA ranking the 11th position, 2nd runner up Fern Trust Cup
  • 2022 Competitor at the Mid America Competition Arkansas, ranking the 12th position
  • 2022 Arkansas Iron Designer First Place

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Varito Vasquez

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