Gateway To The Americas Cup 2024

Gateway To The Americas Cup Comes To Panama, September 1-5, 2024


September 1-5, 2024 | Panama

Gus & Deborah De La Flor and MVC Flowers & Events will host the best floral designers in the world as they compete for the prestigious Gateway To The Americas Cup in beautiful Panama.

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Gus & Deborah De La Flor

"After doing floral presentations and teaching in North, Central & South America we fell in love with the beautiful florists in these countries and knew we should do something to bring the floral industry together"

- Gus & Deborah De La Flor Gateway To The Americas Cup Founders

July 22-25, 2022 | Orlando

All the information from the 2022 event held in Orlando Florida.

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Learn more about the artists that will compete in the 2024 The Gateway To The Americas Cup.

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More about the five designs each floral designer will have to prepare.

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More about the sponsors whose support help make The Gateway To The Americas Cup possible.

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Brenna Quan AIFD

"Besides the umbrella of buzzing energy contained within the Gateway Cup, I really love the creative diversity amongst all my fellow competitors - the inspiration stays with me!"

- Brenna Quan AIFD
Aniko Kovacs AIFD

"I enjoyed the whole experience… meeting colleagues from other countries, bonding friendships and having a wonderful time! I enjoyed the surprise package just as much as the gala dinner:) Wonderful experience! Thank you again for the opportunity and invitation."

- Aniko Kovacs AIFD
Jenna Temple AIFD

"The whole experience was so memorable and beautiful that it is hard to choose, but I would have to say my favorite part of the competition was the fashion category. There was a moment, where I was sure it wasn't going to get finished (I'm sure I could have worked on it for several more hours). But I just kept at it and was able to complete it. It was lovely to stand back and appreciate that I had accomplished what I had hoped to. This was also the last category, so there was a general sense of relief that the work was done. It was also great fun at the end of every design session to walk around and appreciate the amazing amount of creativity all in one room. Such a great group of talented designers and wonderful people!"

- Jenna Temple AIFD
Rey Rodriguez

"LOVED the encouragement from coordinators and judges. Made the competition feel less like a competition and more like a race against time. It created a more fun relaxed vibe. More about friends gathering to create art but with a time limit. Because it was an international meet..I appreciated the friendships that were fostered."

- Rey Rodriguez
Samantha Bates AIFD

"My favorite memory from the competition is how supportive everyone was. From the competitors to the judges to the sponsors, everyone is just rooting each other on and supporting each other. It truly was an atmosphere of individuals coming together and bonding over their shared love of floral design and artistry."

- Samantha Bates AIFD